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Hygiene rules

Since the corona virus is still restricting our coexistence, the edition will continue to take place under special conditions:

For your and our protection, please observe the hygiene regulations and our rules for the process of dispensing!


- No admission if you have a fever / cough / runny nose (in these cases we will help you to receive goods).
- Wear your mouth and nose covering; if you don't have one yet, contact us please.
- Please have the counted money ready for admission (€ 2 for 1 person; € 3 for 2 or more people).
- Always get your goods WITH a shopping cart and only when asked to do so by a food bank employee.
- Maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other customers and the food bank staff.
- Keep your distance from the goods to be dispensed. The goods are placed on the table for you.
- The food bank is no self-service! Only touch the goods that are made available for you.
- Some of the items are issued in pre-packed bags.
- Always keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from people from other households when repacking your shopping!

The shopping carts will be disinfected by us and brought back to the front of the entrance.

Thank you for your understanding
Your food bank team !